US Launches Airstrikes Against Syria After Barbaric Gas Attacks & Stars Speak Out


US Launches Airstrikes Against Syria After Barbaric Gas Attacks & Stars Speak Out

Kerry Washington, Rosie O’Donnell and more stars voiced their stun and incredulity after Donald Trump approved US rocket strikes into Syria on April 6, not a long way from where the brutal gas assault happened two days prior. See the enthusiastic tweets!Syria airstrike

President Donald Trump, 70, approved the strikes on two runways in western Syria airstrike on April 6, not long after the synthetic weapon assault happened. Talking from his resort in Florida, Trump said the assault was in the country’s “imperative national security intrigue” and that the United States must “anticipate and prevent the spread and utilization of dangerous concoction weapons.” After the news made its adjusts, a few stars voiced their stun and shock over the matter, utilizing Twitter to vent their dissatisfactions. Kerry Washington, 40, stated, “Hold up. What?! Tragic. #Syria.”


Performing artist Joe Morton, 69, included, “Bombarding Syria has genuine results. Syrian lives have been acquired for a considerable length of time. #Scandal being seized is unimportant.” Rosie O’Donnell, 55, got much more warmed while tending to the dubious issue, stating, “I MEAN COME ON – REALLY? WOULD I BOMB SYRIA IF I WERE IN BED WITH PUTIN? No chance – and MAN DID I BOMB THEM – BIGLY – I HATE RUSSIA – TRUST ME. we r besieging syria – while he hits the fairway in florida WAR.” Star Trek performer George Takei, 70, additionally impacted Trump for his lip service.

There was an expected 60 tomahawk journey rockets let go from a few warships positioned in the Mediterranean Sea. Trump had been to a great degree reproachful of making military move, however allegedly altered his opinion completely subsequent to seeing film of Syrian kids battling for their lives. The strikes are the primary direct military move the US has made against Bashar al-Assad after he apparently requested the gas assault in Syria airstrike slaughtering 72 individuals.

Trump had traveled to his home when the news broke and gave a broadcast address saying the concoction assault was a “disrespect to mankind.” He proceeded, “What [Assad] did is loathsome. What occurred in Syria airstrike is genuinely one of the offensive wrongdoings and it shouldn’t have happened.” However, Trump’s reaction additionally sets our legislature against the Russians, as Vladimir Putin has been an advocate of Assad’s administration. Presently, many are concerned this will bring about more strain.

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