Top 10 Prettiest Young Filipino Female Stars


Stars do a reversal and forward and the one that makes sense of how to make their check in the showbiz business by and large stays and expect a colossal part in media outlets. Some of these stars started early and some even expected to sit tight for their chance to genuinely shimmer before the worshiping yells and interests of the fans transformed into theirs. In the Philippines, there is a to a great degree extraordinary competition as to performing artists. There are such an assortment of endowments and stars available however only a few makes sense of how to win the hearts of the gathering and the masses. Here is the top 10 once-over of the most superb, speedy rising Prettiest Young Filipino Female Stars in the Philippines’ Showbiz Industry both in TV and the movies.

  1. Myrtle Sarrosa

In reality, even before she was reported as the champ of the general venerated reality franchise Big Brother, this doe took a gander at lovely and skilled young woman starting now got the consideration of various through her endeavors in Cosplaying. Situated as the number two Cosplayer in the Philippines, this stunning lady is also making impressively more clatter by gracing the front page of FHM, one of the top magazines in the nation. Her business appreciated a relief for quite a while however with the savage and more create picture she has as of now, she’s unquestionably organized to vanquish our hearts once more.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Janella Salvador

Other than being a family image as “Nikki” her character in the starting late antiquated show Please Be Careful with My Heart, this petite heavenliness is making waves in the business by keeping the nation drew in the midst of business breaks with her moving along to an ear-getting chemical business move video. She is the young lady of Janine Desiderio a well-known craftsman in the nation back in the days and is being produced by her executives in taking after the steps of her Mom.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars


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  1. Lauren Young

This wonderful lady may have took the lime light while her more prepared sister Megan Young vanquished the Miss World expo last 2013 yet this perfection and proficient lady is capable and is starting to make a check in the business okay. She is enhancing and all the more troublesome parts nowadays and is growing a great deal more brilliant reliably.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Nadine Luster

Beginning with one blockbuster film then onto the following, Nadine Luster has in certainty the makings of a principle lady. Her films “Diary ng Panget” (An Ugly’s Diary) and the latest one “Contend and Your Dead” exhibits how bankable this stunning lady is. She is step by step getting into TV and fans are wanting to see a more noteworthy measure of her in a perfect world in a youth plan later on.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Julia Montes

In spite of the way that Julia is being sent to perform more create parts in the films and in TV sensation shows up, this dazzling lady with a noteworthy heart doesn’t disregard to passageway and desert her fans crying over a passionate line she hurls on TV. Bound to a Mom with a listening to need, she moreover plays as an inspiration and an image that makes us comprehend that even stars have their own one of a kind troubles to encounter as individuals.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Julie Ann

Julie Ann is on number five in the rundown of Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars. The adolescent consider who knows how to play for all intents and purposes each musical instrument with lungs that could hit high notes while moving like a Pro Hip Hop craftsman is the thing that fans rave about Julie Ann San Jose. She is outstanding for her cover and blend recordings on YouTube. She is into encouraging, TV and clearly never misses the mark on things to do with respect to her first love – music. A performer on a fundamental level, she is no doubt going to beat the music scene for a huge long run.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Janine Gutierrez

Young lady of showbiz sways Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon, Janine starts from a family with following up on their blood. Having a degree in European Studies in one of the top universities in the nation – Ateneo De Manila, this young woman in a brief instant won the heart of the fans and viewers when she entered showbiz. Not in any way like other high school stars who expected to experience tryouts in this way various VTR’s, the Philippine showbiz industry opened her arms in a brief instant for Janine. The dazzling young woman is a direct result of the regard since she is truly giving a valiant exertion and outperforming the goals of her esteeming fans.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is one of those high school stars who really showed up out of the blue. One day fans simply watched her on one film to another. Ubiquity didn’t happen immediately for Liza since she was reliably the nearest sidekick or the cousin of the principle star in the movies that she earlier did. Regardless, a chance to shimmer is at present and she is in all actuality snappy rising. Nowadays, she is “Agnes” a sweet and valuing young woman from the district that trusts in the compel of warmth got by twin strawberries her present TV course of action.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

  1. Julia Barretto

Fabulousness from a Showbiz family – Julia Barretto’s earlier calling was on TV doing chemical attachments for a kiddie cleaning agent. In a matter of seconds she is all grown up and is becoming famous in media outlets. She sings, move, hosts, acts and in a general sense does everything a skilled worker do. With that leveled head on top of her shoulders and that amazing face, she is without a doubt going to more conspicuous statures as she advances in media outlets.

Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

Considered as the Queen Bee of her time, this excellent lady is to make sure vanquishing media outlets by whirlwind. Kathryn Bernardo is on number one in the rundown of Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars. Her notoriety started with the especially maintained team up she have with the King Bee of his period – Daniel Padilla. Kathryn is generally found in advertisements, movies and TVs shows up with his likewise stellar love-aggregate yet is a star in solitude right. She has confine wanders going on and has even moved her first self-titled gathering.