Melania Trump Disses Donald By ‘Liking’ A Tweet Suggesting They Have Terrible Marriage?


Melania Trump doesn’t typically like tweets, yet when she does they are disses about her better half. On May 2, the principal woman’s close to home Twitter account enjoyed a tweet interestingly since 2012 and it was a burrow at President Donald Trump!

Melania Trump’s checked individual Twitter account befuddled the world on May 2 when it enjoyed a tweet that transparently bashed her hubby, President Donald Trump, 70.

Melania Trump

“Appears the main #Wall @realDonaldTrump’s manufactured is the one amongst him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump,” Andy Ostroy tweeted, alongside a GIF of the 47-year-old FLOTUS remaining behind her significant other on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20. In the GIF, Melania grins at Donald and as he pivots quickly frowns.

The clasp from that specific snapshot of the introduction became famous online, and it appears Melania either believes Andy’s tweet was silly, or a precise appraisal of her potentially horrendous marriage to Donald.

Twitter clients, including Andy, instantly begun to conjecture with reference to whether Melania was hacked or not and, if not, what could have had the primary woman to most loved a tweet that would obviously bring about so much dramatization. “I speculate this isn’t a genuine record for @flotus… ,” Andy tweeted.

The like soon vanished yet many Twitter clients had as of now snatched screenshots of the confirmation, which clearly won’t be overlooked at any point in the near future.

The @MELANIATRUMP account, which the previous model has had since 2010, is unique in relation to the authority @FLOTUS account that previous first woman Michelle Obama passed on to Melania after her better half was confirmed as the new president.

The most unusual thing about this is Melania’s own record has just at any point enjoyed one other tweet — her own. The model favorited her, “Welcome Twitter!,” message in 2012. Peculiar.

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what do you think about the tweet Melania enjoyed? Do you think it was truly her who preferred it? Is it true that she was hacked? Give all of us your contemplations beneath!