Korean Blogger Turns Herself Into Kylie Jenner In Amazing Makeover Video — Watch


This is so insane! A Korean wonder blogger gave herself a makeover to make herself look precisely like Kylie Jenner and you simply need to perceive how she does it!

Haye Min Park has a noteworthy after with 2 million on Youtube and more than 3 million on Instagram as Pony Makeup. The South Korean magnificence blogger makes mind blowing cosmetics looks and can totally change herself as she did in one video where she made herself over to look like none other than Kylie Jenner, 19.

The 6 minute video is past entrancing as Haye uses a huge assortment of items including establishments, brushes, and false lashes to redo herself as Kylie. She makes an entirely stunning showing with regards to and before the finish of the video she doesn’t look anything like how did toward the begin. You just got the opportunity to consider to what extent the entire procedure took!

Meanwhile, the genuine Kylie keeps on making energizing new magnificence and mold decisions. On Feb. 11, she showed up at New York Fashion Week with a shaggy and restless throw that we were totally fixated on. Scarcely a month later, Kylie totally changed her look once more and went the direct inverse heading of her NYC hair and flaunted her midriff length hair on Mar. 7. Now that is an emotional change!

Kylie Jenner

The hair drift in Hollywood is by all accounts either super long hair like Kylie’s or Nicki Minaj, 34, who made them go the distance to her lower legs or genuinely trimmed as stewart Kristen, 26. Indeed, even Katy Perry, 32, participate on the short hair activity after her separation with Orlando Bloom, 40. The music star picked another look with her characteristic hair topping through her underlying foundations with keeping the rest blonde. Now that is a change!

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