Kate Middleton Pregnant With Royal Baby #3: She ‘Wants 4 Kids Before She Turns 40’ — Report


Kate Middleton Pregnant With Royal Baby #3: She ‘Wants 4 Kids Before She Turns 40’ — Report

Can we expect another royal baby later this year? A new report claims Kate Middleton is pregnant with her & Prince William’s 3rd child, and if the rumors are true, this is super exciting news! We can’t say it’s surprising though, after all, the duchess is reportedly determined to have 2 more kids in the next 5 years.Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, 35, is pregnant again — at least according to Star magazine. If their sources are correct, this will be her and Prince William‘s, 34, third child, and if the new little one is even half as cute as their two older kids Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 1, then we are ALL about it! But the cutest part of all is how the couple allegedly announced the happy news to their family.Kate Middleton

The mag claims it was Queen Elizabeth‘s, 90, great grandchild, little George, who actually revealed the big news to not only the queen, but also Prince Charles, 68, and his spouse Camilla, 69. The toddler reportedly told the group during family tea after the Commonwealth Games baton launch last week. “George and Kate practiced his announcement together the night before,” a source for the publication claims.

“It ended up being incredibly sweet. George approached his great-grandmother and exclaimed that he had a secret to share. The room went quiet when he said that ‘mummy has a new bubby in her tummy!’” The queen allegedly called for a champagne toast immediately. “She was delightedly hugging Kate, who was beaming from ear to ear,” the source added.

And apparently, the queen’s cheery spirits totally got William off the hook about his rowdy ski trip last week. “William knew that as soon as he returned to England he’d be in for a serious scolding,” Star’s insider said. “He was on his way back and getting ready to face the music, but it’s no surprise that all was forgiven and forgotten following George’s absolutely adorable announcement.”

For those who need a refresher, the king-in-waiting shook his princely responsibilities on March 13 to go skiing in Verbier. The prince was with his friends and dancing with a blonde instead of attending Commonwealth Day services with his family. But while some reports have said Kate was “humiliated” by her husband’s behavior, Star claims it was HER idea for William to have a boys’ trip.Kate Middleton

“It was actually Kate who insisted he go on one last boys’ vacation before focusing on the new baby,” a source for the magazine said. “It’s just a shame it looked like he was having too much fun and absconding from his duties. Who could have known he may have simply been celebrating his wife’s third pregnancy?”

The couple reportedly do not know the sex of their alleged unborn child yet, but they apparently couldn’t care less either way — they just want it to be healthy. “Kate is in fine form right now,” the insider added. “She’s full of energy and hasn’t stopped…William is ecstatic.”

Tell us, do you think Kate and William will actually have four kids before they turn 40? Are you excited for more royal babies to come?

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