Jennifer Lopez & Drake Enjoying A ‘Tender Connection’ In Cuddly Pic — Expert Says


Jennifer Lopez and Drake have everybody discussing their new sentiment after they both posted a private photograph of themselves cuddling up to the camera. Is their relationship just for show or is it the genuine article?  connected with top non-verbal communication master Patti Wood who gave us the EXCLUSIVE 411 on this attractive combine.

There’s no mixing up that Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, appear as though one glad couple in the charming photograph they both shared on Instagram on Dec. 28. Furthermore, non-verbal communication master Patti Wood concurs! “It’s huge that JLo’s eyes are shut on the grounds that she’s ordinarily taking a gander at the camera. In this photograph, she’s at the time with Drake,” Patti clarifies. “The eyes shut is an extremely helpless method for introducing herself non-verbally. At the time means she’s really encountering the association with him.” Awe!

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Shouldn’t something be said about Drake? It is safe to say that he is simply playing amusements with the megastar or does he have genuine affections for the excellence? “I like how Drake’s arm is wrapped around JLo and how his hand is wrapped softly around her wrist with his casual fingers. This demonstrates Drake is sure and loose,” Patti lets us know. “It makes the minute more delicate also. I think she feels valued by him, that he’s a sweetie-pie. Her body is casual. She’s snuggled in.” We adore it!

Jennifer Lopez

As we let you know before, J.Lo is by all accounts very brought with the Canadian vocalist. Truth be told, the mother of two is “stricken” with Drake, a source uncovered to PEOPLE. “Jen is looking forward with energy to the new year. She continues hanging out with Drake, and he has gone to her home,” a companion of J.Lo’s told the outlet. Sounds genuine!

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