Drake & Rihanna Argued About His Infatuation With Nicki Minaj Before Split


Uh oh! It’s just been three days since Drake and Rihanna authoritatively chose to go separate ways, yet now we find his captivation for Nicki Minaj may have had something to do with it! Get the EXCLUSIVE scoop on why the previous blazes contended over his association with the “Boa constrictor” rapper.

Drake & Rihanna Argued About His Infatuation With Nicki Minaj:

Indeed, what have we here? Exactly when we thought Rihanna, 28, and Drake, 29, went separate ways because of their furious timetables and soaring vocations, there is by all accounts an additional variable to their split. All through their blooming sentiment, the “Controlla” rapper still had hearts in his eyes for another music tycoon, Nicki Minaj. “Drake would never take a gander at Rihanna and advise her that he’s infatuated with Nicki Minaj as well,” a source near the Views star tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He doesn’t have that kind of swag to be ruthlessly fair to a lady to that degree, not to mention Rihanna. Yet, Ri’s certainly not doltish. She definitely realized that.” Wait, what?!

Nicki Minaj

Our source proceeded with, “A few weeks back they had a contention about Nicki Minaj on the grounds that Drake continued rapping the verses to a couple of he and Nicki Minaj ‘s collabs and continuing forever about how he and Nicki Minaj are enchanted when they’re on a track together.” This didn’t seem to sit exceptionally with the Barbadian excellence, Rihanna who got the impression his heart was somewhere else. “Ri felt irritated and thought Drake was as a rule high key ill-bred when they themselves have cooperated. Words were said, Drake apologized yet Ri still feels some sort of way and is desirous of his affection for Nicki Minaj.” Wow!

Nicki Minaj

Fortunately, Nicki Minaj has been off the market some time, on account of her hot and overwhelming sentiment with Meek Mill, so we’re speculating a chaotic love triangle won’t happen at any point in the near future. Despite the fact that it appears as though Drizzy is proceeding onward from RiRi effortlessly, he posted a secretive message taking after their separation. “Excessively stirred up in dramatization, making it impossible to free my brain yet I’m appealing to God for you even in your darkest times.