Drake & Jennifer Lopez PDA The ‘Real Thing’? You Can See The ‘Spark’ — Expert Says


In the wake of investigation Jennifer Lopez and Drake pound and kiss moving floor at a Winter Wonderland Prom party on Dec. 29, we truly needed to contemplate whether their assessment is each of the a show. We conversed with famous non-verbal correspondence ace Dr. Lillian Glass, who gave us inside scoop on these two lovebirds.

Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, didn’t keep down their affections for each other while grinding and direct moving at a prom themed party on Dec. 29. Was the PDA for a music video or are the provocative stars genuinely falling for each other? “This is bona fide. What they have for each other are certifiable conclusions. J.Lo is having a great time a considerable measure progressing floor for it not to be real,” particularly respected non-verbal correspondence ace Dr. Lillian Glass tell EXCLUSIVELY. “Her mouth is open, her eyes are squinched and the apple of her cheeks are raised. This all shows what she is feeling for Drake is bona fide. Moreover her base is organizing his pound.” Ooh la!

Despite sharing a sweet kiss in the video, J.Lo and Drake looked fixated on each other progressing floor. “When they are direct moving, they are both in a condition of concordance, and she turns her head like she needs to kiss him. She sort of begins it. She feels far exorbitantly pleasing in his arms for it not to be honest to goodness,” Dr. Glass illuminates. “She feels to a great degree secure in his arms.” Awe!

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However, shouldn’t something be said in regards to Drake — may he have the capacity to trap each one of us? “Drake is a to a great degree particular individual. He’s an uncommonly fragile and certifiable individual. He’s not the sort of individual to fake it,” says Dr. Glass. “Despite the likelihood that they were shooting a music video, this is honest to goodness. You can feel the begin of the science between them.” That’s in actuality.

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As we let you know some time recently, J.Lo and Drake’s fellowship sprouted into an opinion while in the recording studio. “It just started with them two conceptualizing on music,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “They put in a long extend of time talking — taking a gander at everything until the little hours of the morning. That is when Jennifer started to look at Drake in an unforeseen way. She saw this vulnerable, sensitive side to him that made her heart disintegrate.” We worship it!

Do YOU think J.Lo and Drake really have affections for each other?