Billy Ray Cyrus Changes His Name: What Miley’s Dad Wants To Be Called Revealed


New name, who dis? Clearly Billy Ray Cyrus wasn’t content with the way fans and music administrators were calling his name at celebrity main street occasions. Thus, the nation artist transformed it to something far superior — and less complex. Perused on to discover what it is!

Madonna, Seal, Beyonce — do you see where we’re running with this? As far back as the beginning of music, big names have been dropping one portion of their name to make themselves a more attractive brand. Nobody has sufficient energy to state, “Hello, did you hear that new tune via Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel?” Yes, that is his genuine, full-length name. Regardless, Billy Ray Cyrus, 55, is the most recent superstar to take after the pattern. Fans may now just allude to him as Cyrus. No Billy. No Ray. Just Cyrus.

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While this minor change may appear to be absolutely trivial or superfluous to you, it’s really a major ordeal to the nation vocalist. “I generally passed by Cyrus, and I asked Mercury Records to call me Cyrus in the first place since that is the thing that I was OK with,” disclosed Billy to Rolling Stone. “I’m setting off to the doctor’s facility where I was conceived in Bellefonte, Kentucky, and lawfully changing my name.” Wait a moment… haven’t we heard a comparative story some time recently?

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WE SURE HAVE, and everything starts with little girl Miley Cyrus. In the event that you didn’t definitely know, The Voice mentor was legitimately named Destiny Hope Cyrus at the season of her introduction to the world. Later on in life she was given the epithet “Smiley,” which in the long run transformed into Miley. Try not to get excessively OK with the “Destroying Ball” vocalist’s last name however, since she might be embraced Liam Hemsworth’s sooner rather than later! We’re recently passing on to know when these two lovebirds are getting hitched!

what do you think about Billy’s new name? Adore or despise?