Angelina Jolie’s Secret Romance: Inside Her Private Malibu Rendezvous With New Man


Ooh la! The personality of Angelina Jolie‘s hot new man may in any case be a mystery, yet has EXCLUSIVELY taken in she’s been getting a charge out of private Malibu meet with him. Get all the sentimental points of interest here!

“It is trying for Angelina [Jolie] to proceed onward from Brad [Pitt], yet she is doing what she can to sustain a mystery sentiment with another person. Angelina and her new man, a good looking British business visionary with solid political ties and desires, have held a couple of mystery meet at the Malibu bequest where she has been staying periodically since her split from Brad,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Angelina Jolie

Sounds attractive! Clearly, Angelina is bringing up six kids with her ex, Brad, however when they’re with him (like they were prior this month), she exploits and rings her new man for some sentimental social gatherings.

“She battles to discover time for herself, so amid the occasional circumstances Brad has the youngsters, Angelina arranges sentimental meet with the British cutie. Angelina’s dates have been occurring all away from plain view… overnight meals, drinks, everything inside the private Malibu home and never out in broad daylight. Angelina finds the mystery of their sentiment hot and energizing. She needs the separation to be well behind her and every last bit of her kids to be in a sound place before she goes on an excursion or level out to an eatery with any new man,” our source includes.

Angelina Jolie

Tragically, it sounds like it might be a while before we find the personality of Angelina’s new man, yet meanwhile, we cherish hearing how she’s playing around with him. As we beforehand let you know, Angelina was “smashing” on her new man before she parted ways with Brad, so she’s excited about this person.

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