Angelina Jolie Cooks & Eats Big Hairy Black Spiders & It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart — Watch


Wow! In a stunning new video, Angelina Jolie truly EATS many individuals’ greatest dread — tarantulas! That is correct, the performing artist calmly concocted some tremendous bristly creepy crawlies with her children and popped them in her mouth like they were chicken fingers. Watch the insane video here, however truly, you’ve been cautioned!

Omg! Is it accurate to say that anyone is else somewhat scared by this? Angelina Jolie, 41, must be the LEAST demanding eater on the planet. All things considered, the performing artist cooked and ate goliath creepy crawlies amid a taped meeting as though it were NOTHING! Furthermore, honestly, it is “nothing” for Angie, as she clarified she’s made arachnids and creepy crawlies a normal piece of her eating regimen since first going by Cambodia years back — eek!

Amid her enormous meeting with BBC, in which Angelina talked about her separation from Brad Pitt, 53, governmental issues, and raising her and Brad’s six youngsters, Angie chose to show her questioner about Cambodian cooking — since they WERE in Cambodia all things considered. So Angie took to the barbecue and seared up a few veggies notwithstanding crickets, scorpions, and yes, even creepy crawlies!

And keeping in mind that the star admitted that tarantulas are an obtained taste, she’s obvi super into it now! Angelina even demonstrated to the columnist generally accepted methods to appropriately set up the little monsters — including how to take their teeth out. “I believe it’s dependably been a piece of the eating regimen,” Angie clarified, alluding to the Cambodian culture. “Be that as it may, then there is I think a truth to the survival amid the war obviously. At the point when individuals were being famished, they could make due on things like this, and they did.”

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Angelina additionally uncovered how she first got into this sort of sustenance — expressing that it’s best to begin little and work you’re far up. “Cricket, you begin with crickets,” she snickered. “Crickets and a lager. And afterward you sort of climb to tarantulas.” Her children helped her set up the creepy crawly invaded feast, which the correspondent DID attempt FYI, and Shiloh, 10, remarked that the scorpions had an aftertaste like “dry chips.” Angie noted then again that the tarantulas “really have okay flavor.” Hmm, regardless you can’t persuade us Angie, however pleasant attempt!

Let us know, would you say you are so netted out by this video or do you believe it’s sort of cool? Would YOU eat a bug?