Adele Vs Beyonce: Who Really Deserves To Win Album Of The Year?


The 2017 Grammy selections are at last out, and clearly, Beyonce and Adele are leaders for Album of the Year. Here’s the reason Adele ought to win. Disregard the presidential decision — Beyonce, 35, and Adele, 28, will fight it out for Album of the Year come Feb. 12, making for one of the greatest melodic challenges of 2017. In this standoff, I trust Adele ought to end up as the winner.

Disregard the epic rebound following three years of hush. Disregard the a huge number of duplicates that 25 sold. Disregard the basic praise. Disregard the greater part of that, and consider this: Adele is one of the best living entertainers, time frame. Her voice, moxy and general Britishness add to this, keeping in mind Bey is certainly a skilled powerhouse, Adele is immaculate enchantment. Ask anybody.


Obviously, business achievement does make a difference, as well. By July 2016, Beyonce’s Lemonade sold 1.2 million duplicates in the United States. Adele’s 25 sold 3.38 million duplicates… in the principal week. It was up to 20 million duplicates by June 2016. It merits calling attention to this happened regardless of the advanced age that we live in; individuals are so fixated on Adele that they went out and purchased a physical collection, as opposed to downloading or spilling. They need to grasp Adele and even play her vinyl on a turn table. In 2016, that is an incredible abnormality.

Goodness, and after that there’s her live show. Adele was one of — if not the — most sweltering ticket of 2016, and however she played different field appears in different urban communities, it was scarcely enough. She sold out right and left! I was not the only one in my office the day tickets went at a bargain for her New York dates, and the strain was practically terrible as we held up in the feared virtual Ticketmaster line for upwards of 45 minutes… about a year ahead of time.


September at long last moved around and we went to Adele’s shows through the span of the week like a multi stage sprint, alternating and doing whatever it takes not to ruin a lot for the following individual. Adele’s amazing comical inclination sparkled each night, and we exchanged chitchat stories all week.

By the day’s end, you can’t deny that Beyonce plays stadiums, traverses classifications and serves as one of our most capable good examples. With regards to music, however, Adele is for those of us who esteem unadulterated vocals and tunes over choreography and display. She’s simply genuine.

Do you think Beyonce or Adele ought to win Album of the Year?

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