Britney Spears Gushes Over Hot Boyfriend Sam Asghari: I’ve Got ‘Mad Love’ For Him


Britney Spears Gushes Over Hot Boyfriend Sam Asghari: I’ve Got ‘Mad Love’ For Him

Ooh la la! Britney Spears seems head over heels for her new guy, Sam Asghari, as provened by the warm new pic as well as inscription she uploaded on Twitter Jan. 13. She also claimed she’s got ‘crazy love’ for the hot backup dancer. See her whole article here!


” Mad love ❤ for this,” Britney Spears captioned the balmy picture of Sam Asghari (seen over) on Twitter Jan. 13. We certainly feel specifically the very same because the guy is lovely, yet it’s unexpected to see Britney being so vocal concerning her fresh relationship with the backup professional dancer. They have not been dating that long– hell, she hasn’t even validated the relationship yet– but she appears to be very taken with Sam.Britney Spears

Stunned or otherwise, we’re very delighted for Britney Spears! We haven’t seen her this happy in a long period of time. As well as it does not injure that Sam is an overall hottie!

And get this– we lately learned Britney is hoping to have a child quickly, so it’s possible Sam can end up being the dad. “ Britney Spears absolutely wants more kids, and 2017 might be the year!” an insider recently revealed to us SOLELY. “Brit is appreciating her new guy Sam, and also while she has no intent of ever marrying again, she would certainly like to have a little girl or at the very least much more children.” Throughout among their supper dates that month, Asghari submitted an Instagram photo of both of them cosying up with each other at a table – however after that promptly erased it.Britney Spears

They have actually additionally invested holidays with each other, as she showed with a Brand-new Year’s Day Instagram message in which they grinned as he covered a chiselled arm regarding her.

” It has been her dream to have a daughter and she has constantly desired a huge family,” our resource included. “The one of the many things she loves about him is that he wishes to have kids one day so if they are still together this moment following year, she could ask him if he wishes to have children!” We can not wait to see exactly what the future holds for Britney Spears as well as Sam!

Isn’t Britney’s love for Sam Asghari the prettiest point ever ?! Tell us how you feel below.

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